Engineering Customer Success

Our proprietary software platform, Surge, allows us to provide efficient, personalized service for customers from our very first interactions through to installations and upgrades. Harnessing web platforms, mobile apps and 2-way SMS, we're always available to help our customers.


Orchestrating a Distributed Workforce

Delivering our systems from factory to home requires a distributed workforce supported by customer-built software. From anywhere in the world we can dispatch and coordinate our local sales, service and installation teams, constantly tracking products as they move through the supply chain. A tight coupling of people and software creates the foundation to serve millions of homes


Powering Business Intelligence

Our markets are seeing some of the fastest economic growth in the world. Real-time data from customers and staff enables us to iterate and adapt quickly to these changing conditions. With the information and agility to test new solutions through rapid feedback loops, we are able to move in sync with our markets.