Data Engineering Consultant

Off Grid Electric is seeking an experienced data architecture and engineering consultant to help us develop our data practice.  This consultant will coach and collaborate with our data practitioners to co-design our data pipeline and processing systems, interface with our BI team to understand and anticipate analytics requirements, and our software team to advise on machine learning opportunities. This consulting engagement will be at least three months and based primarily in Tanzania.

Data architecture and infrastructure focus. We are in the process of moving towards a robust, well-documented data infrastructure with a clean separation of concerns and denormalized data models. We are looking for someone with a relevant engineering background to help us achieve our goals in this ongoing transition, including mentoring and developing other DI engineers. A demonstrated ability to apply a test-oriented approach to building systems is key, along with a focus on the accuracy and maintainability of data systems. This role will define architectural solutions and guide implementation of them.

We will also look to this person to help us identify and plan for potential future wins.

The consultant must have the following:

  • At least one programming language (at a high proficiency level)
  • Experience moving data through an ETL pipeline
  • Expertise in managing a SQL database
  • Expertise in managing a Linux server (system monitoring, command line familiarity, etc)
  • The AWS console
  • Mastery of Git
  • Proficiency in automated testing and other engineering best practices
  • Understanding of relational database schemas / design and performance tuning
  • Knowledge of principles of machine learning

Nice to have experience

  • Developing in Python
  • Luigi
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Chef / Puppet
  • Hadoop / Spark
  • Data analysis
  • Postgres
  • Redshift
  • Docker
  • Looker


  • Define and direct implementation of scalable data models and pipelines
  • Develop a cross-platform ETL processes
  • Optimize table schemata based on usage patterns
  • Implement systems for tracking data quality and consistency
  • Lead development of improved architecture and standards for our business metric warehouse

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